Why LED Retrofits – are leading the way!

by dmolloy
2 years ago

In recent years, innovation in the lighting sector has focused on LED lighting in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. The trend towards LED lighting is pushing lighting companies to produce smart and interesting designs for much different application with potential for longevity and efficiency above traditional lighting.

In the Biotech & Pharmaceutical Sectors Facility Managers are open and excited about the development of LED lighting. Utilising this technology helps facilities meet their green goals while also lowering energy costs. Every facility which is conscious of becoming green and lowering costs are turning to LED retrofits to upgrade their existing plant.

Areas in which the labour cost is high to replace a fixture, retrofits are most suitable. The quick installation time and relatively lower cost of the product make retrofitting a great choice. There is also no need to re-validate the rooms which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures harness the key properties that make LED’s unique.

Lowering Energy & Maintenance Costs – LED retrofitting offers the best financial return in the Cleanroom areas as capital cost is much lower than a total upgrade and gives greater Return on Investment of between 2-4 years.

Performance – LEDspan LED retrofit plates range from 150 to 176 ml/w. Which means they can produce the correct light for all application. Performance parameters must be set out before a project starts, focus for a lighting project can be on many different specs but each needs careful consideration to achieve a successful project.

Green benefits – Fluorescent light tubes contain gases like mercury that affect the environment. There are no easy ways to recycle fluorescent tubes, they often leak into the environment via landfills.

Three common questions to ask when considering LED Retrofits:

What is a LED Retrofit kit?

A LED Retrofit is a product designed to upgrade your traditional lighting fixture in quick time. LEDspan’s retrofit is designed for cleanroom type fitting where the re-validation of rooms and high maintenance costs are factors.

Why change at all?

Fluorescent fixtures as they currently stand are inefficient compared to high quality LED fixtures & retrofits. When considering savings, maintenance and environmental issues (mercury, more CO2 produced), it makes sense to retrofit to get the best value for money and Return on Investment. Every facility should take care in deciding on a LED supplier, checking their products have certification for CE, LM79, LM80 and TM21 to ensure the longevity of the product.

Why consider a retrofit upgrade over a full redesign?

Depending on the facility many reasons come into play when deciding on retrofitting over a new installation. The age of the fixtures, quality, suitability, cost of running the fixtures are elements affecting this decision. But retrofitting can be least disruptive and completed in the shortest amount of time, in most cases, with the existing fixtures remaining in-place while the retrofitting occurs.

Here’s a simple short video on how a light fixture can be converted to LED.



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