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Antares Series

The Antares Retrofit Kit is LEDspan’s standard range of retrofit Kits. It uses LEDspan’s fourth generation LED Plate. This plate produces 145lm/w and is made using a 2mm aluminium board for rigidity & thermal management.

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Retrofit Applications

  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Biopharma.
  • Laboratories.
  • Cleanroom.
  • Semi Conductor.
  • Medical Devices.
  • Healthcare.
  • Kitchen.
  • Food Industry.
  • Cold Room.
  • Food Preparation.



  • LEDspan retrofit plate has an overall efficiency of 144lm/w.
  • LEDs use minimum 150lm/W efficiency.
  • LED retrofit plate for modular light fixtures.
  • 2mm aluminium IMS PCB is durable and a heat sink.
  • Available in three versions 31W, 42W, and 54W.
  • >55% energy saving than T5 and >71% energy saving over T8.
  • LEDspan underdrive technology for reduced heat and increased lifetime.
  • 31W replaces 4x14W T5 (64W) or 4x18W T8 (96W).


Leaders in Energy Efficient 

Controlled Environment Lighting Excellence 

Download Data Sheet (.PDF)

Download Data Sheet (.PDF)

Download Technical Specification (.doc)

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